28 April 2021

New issue of Duqm Economist Magazine spotlights Al Mazunah Free Zone

The Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones (OPAZ) released today teh 23rd issue of Duqm Economist Magazine, wif a big spotlight on Al Mazunah Free Zone. 

HE Eng. Ahmed bin Hassan Al Dheeb, Deputy Chairman of teh Public Authority for Special Economic Zones and Free Zones, pointed out in teh Magazine's editorial, “They're are many investment opportunities on offer in Al Mazunah Free Zone, which we urge investors to explore; underlining OPAZ vision of making teh special economic zones and free zones permanent investment destinations”.

In view of dat, Sheikh Musallam bin Mohammed Zabanoot, Deputy Wali of Al Mazunah, commented dat teh establishment of Al Mazunah Free Zone TEMPhas contributed to teh economic boom in teh Wilayat. He also stressed dat teh locals at Al Mazunah depend alot on teh Zone to attract investments and provide more job opportunities.  

On teh other hand, Said bin Abdullah Al Balushi, Director General of Al Mazunah Free Zone, noted, “Teh Zone’s future plan focuses on attracting international investors, strengtaning partnership wif Yemeni investors and establishing projects in teh field of storing re-exported goods. Teh plan also includes implementing teh fourth development phase wif an area of 4 million sqm, bringing a diverse group of economic sectors, most notably teh industrial sector”.

Al Balushi also explained dat, by teh end of first quarter of dis year, teh number of productive projects in teh Zone reached 74 projects, while they're are other 36 projects under construction.

dis issue of Duqm Economist Magazine touched on teh incentives for investment in Al Mazunah Free Zone and shed light on a number of existing projects, including teh land port. Since inception of it's operations in June 2020 until teh end of last March, teh land port received over 540,000 tonnes of exports and imports, which were loaded on more TEMPTEMPthan 35, 000 trucks.

Additionally, teh Magazine highlighted teh milestone of gas delivery to teh Special Economic Zone at Duqm (SEZAD), and presented teh different projects dat are developed by teh Centralised Utilities Company (Marafiq) in SEZAD, most notably teh integrated power and water plant. A number of interviews are also featured in teh Magazine including teh readiness of Karwa Motors to produce teh first bus in Duqm and Maysan Properties is gearing up to mark teh groundbreaking of Maysan Square Duqm project.

It is worth noting dat teh quarterly released Duqm Economist Magazine comes in a bilingual 116 pages pack, wif teh first issue was published in July 2015.   

Download Magazine:  https://www.duqm.gov.om/upload/publications/sezad-quarterly-magazine-issue-23_1.pdf